While making healthy choices is important, it’s even more important to turn those choices into habits. Today, we’re going to give you some tips to create consistent habits that will help you transform your life!

Focus on consistency, not perfection.

While being perfect may seem like the ultimate goal, keep in mind that consistency is more important than perfection. Eating well 85% of the time every single week is going to produce better long-term results than eating well 100% of the time one week and then going right back to eating junk food. Rather than setting expectations of perfection, focus on making changes that you can sustain long-term!

Think about your why.

To stay motivated to create healthy habits, continually reflect on why you want to create them. Why are you working to improve your health? Do you want to feel better? Are you working to gain the energy you need to spend time with your loved ones? Is there a fitness goal you’ve set your sights on? Knowing why you’re working to create healthy habits will help you stay focused, so make sure you consider your purpose often.

Make healthy choices easier.

One of the best ways to create healthy habits is to make them as easy as possible. Look for the areas in your life that cause you to slip up and find ways to make those healthy choices easier. For example, if you often fall prey to the vending machines at work, bring healthy snacks with you. If it’s hard to cook healthy meals when you’re busy, do meal prep at the beginning of every week so you’re prepared in advance. If you struggle to find time to exercise, schedule your workouts and commit to them the way you would any other important appointment. These small changes will make it much easier to turn healthy choices into habits.

Avoid all-or-nothing thinking.

Nothing kills a healthy habit quicker than an all-or-nothing mentality. Encountering obstacles is a natural part of everyone’s journey to optimal health, and you’re probably going to get off track from time to time. If you think of healthy habits as all-or-nothing, a minor slip-up can completely derail your efforts. Instead, put it behind you, focus on getting back on track, and stay committed to transform your life!


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